Why do people living in the rural areas do not have sufficient health infrastructure which has led tot differentiation in the health status of people ? (Rural - Urban Divide)

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Yes , it is right that health Infastrucutre in Rural areas is not well established as compared to the Urban Areas. There are some of reasons which are as follows : 
  • lack of Basic Facilities : As, basic Facilities like school for children , lack of proper drinking water, electricity, roads and transportation.  Due to which Doctors and other medical staff do not want to provide their services in these areas. But urban areas have these facilities. So they prefer to work there instead of rural areas.
  • Atitude Towards Healthcare : people in Rural areas have different attitude towards healthcare as compared to urban areas. They are not very much concerned about their health . People in rural areas think that they will cure the disease by using natural resoruces.
  • Fear of loss : there is lack of healthcare facilities in rural areas because most of the people in rural areas have low income and they resist to spend a large part of their income of health.so whether it is the government or the private individual do not want to invest their money in rural areas.
  • Lack of awareness : the people in rural areas do not have much awareness about health care. So the demand for health care facilities is very less as compared to urban areas . So noone consider a rural areas to be one of the destination for health care.

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