Why do the monsoon winds change their direction?give any one reason.

Monsoon winds change their direction because of the differences in the relief features , elevated areas, high mountains, hills, valleys, contours of land effects the wind direction
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monsoon winds change their direction due to different in the land and water 
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Monsoon wind changes its direction due to corolis force
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Monsoon rains change their direction because of the physical factors
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Monsoon winds change course because of seasonal temperature differences between the land and the sea. Water absorbs heat more slowly than dry land but holds the heat for longer. This makes the sea cooler than the land during the summer, and warmer during the winter.
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Monsoon winds change their direction due to these reasons Physical features and relief also Coriolis force. Differentiatial heating of earth and land
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During summer a low pressure area develops over interior asia as well an over northwesterb india this cause a complete reversal of the direction of winds during summer
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It is all over the natural creator.
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A monsoon is a wind that changes directions according to the season- it blows moist air from the ocean to the land in summer and blows dry air offshore in winter
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