why do we feel hiccup or chcking sensation while eating food ?

Normally when we eat, a tiny flap present in our wind pipe closes and prevents the food from entering the respiratory pathway but when we eat in a hurry the flap gets lesser time to close the windpipe. Consequently, some of the food particles enters the wind pipe. This creates a hindrance in the movement of air in windpipe and results in coughing, hiccups or choking sensation.


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We get hiccups or choking sensation. This happens due to food particles in windpipe . In side the throughout air and food share a common passage after that the windpipe carries air and food pipe carries food . Sometimes we talk or heat in hurry the food may enter the windpipe this may cause hiccups orchoking sensation. Pleasethumbs up



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when we eat,the food that we eat sometimes get stuck in the windpipe,when we eat fast or while talking.due to this we get hiccup or chucking sensation

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