Why do we need clothes

We need clothes because clothes give us protection and they also keep our bodies warm. In addition, people wear clothing for functional as well as social reasons. They want to look smart and keep up with style.
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we need clothes to protect us from heat ,coldand many harsh climate

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We need clothes to protect ourselves from heat, dust, rain and cold. It covers our body and also will be protected by insect bites and we wont feel uncomfortable . :)

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  1. We need clothes as to protect our body from rain,heat,sunshine,cold and snow.
  2. We wear clothes to look and be smart and stylish.

Hope  This Help You!!
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dear nidhi we should wear clothes because to cover our body and protect our selves

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Hello Nidhi,
we need clothes as they protect us from the harsh weathers , insect bites , to keep us heiginic and make us look smart

Hope it helps.
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We need clothes to protect our body from dust, cold, heat, rain
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Because we need to protect our self be a shamed
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Why do we wear woollen clothes in winter?
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dear nidhi we need clothes to protect our body from cold, heat,and rain so that's why we need ou clothes
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We need clothes for our protection and to keep our body warm
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For so many reasons.
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Because they protects and prevents us from..........
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