why do we need reserved constituencies in india ? explain

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If constituencies are not reserved then major political parties can use dirty tricks and win elections. Even if dirty tricks are not used, major parties have many advantages over smaller parties and candidates which makes very easy for major parties to win elections. So, there is a need for reserved constituencies.

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 Some constituencies are reserved for the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.Persons belonging to these castes and tribes can contest election.

Some of the weaker sections of the society cannot contest elections because of economic and financial problems. It is also because the richer and the more influential sections of the society overpower them and don't allow them to contest elections; and even if they do, the weaker sections are never able to win. So, the makers of our Constitution thought of upgrading of the society and thought that ALL the sections of our society MUST get a chance to contest and win elections to govern the country due to our democratic nature. So some of the constituencies are reserved for the SC (Scheduled Castes) and the ST (Scheduled Tribes) where only the weaker sections can participate and contest elections.

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Reservation of seats for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes:

In all the elected bodies-Panchayats, Municipal Committees, Legislative Assemblies and even in Parliament-certain seats are reserved for scheduled castes and tribes. Under present conditions, this will be in force till 25th January, 2010. Currently in the Lok Sabha, 79 seats are reserved for Scheduled Castes and 41 for Scheduled Tribes.

In the Panchayat and Nagarpalika elections one-third of the seats are reserved for women candidates. In state legislatures also, seats are reserved for the members of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Inspired by the success of this system women's movement has been demanding reservation for women in State Legislative Assemblies and Parliament.

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  1. The constitution makers were worried that in an open electoral competition, certain weaker sections may not stand a good chance to get elected.
  2. They may not have the required sources,education and contacts to contest and win elections against others.
  3. Those who are influential and resourceful may prevent them from winning elections.
  4. If that happens our, our parliament and assemblies would be deprived of a significant section of our population.That would make our constitution less democratic and less representative.

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the constitution makers of our country were worried that in an open electoral competition , certain weaker sections may not stand a good chance to get elected to

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  • To protect the weaker sections of the society, the makers of Constitution framed a system known as reserved constituency
  • Weaker sections like Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes avail this type of reserved constituency
  • In this constituency, only those who belonging to weaker sections can contest in elections and elected to Lok Sabha
  • This system was mainly formulated to express the interests of weaker sections in Parliament
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We need reserve constituencies because it protects lower section(SC's,ST's) from getting depressed and to gave opportunities to contest election.
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In open electoral competitions certain weaker sections of the society may not stand a good chance of winning because of the influence of powerful sections.Hence,the makers of one constitution prepared a system of reserved constituencies for weaker sections of society
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Go and talk with pm or cm they will explain you this very gracefully
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I Don't Know.
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I know.
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The Indian Constitution gives the right to all its citizens to elect its representatives and also a chance to be elected as a representative. ... The economically weaker section of the society may not have the required resources, education and contacts to contest and win elections against others.
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what is constituencies
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i think mostly this is because the government is trying to uplift all the poorer sections by providing them reserved seats so they will come out from their comfort circle and will learn something and can maybe do something to the nation.The other reason must be the government is trying to reserve seats so that it could appreciate the participation of women in government or legislative bodies and is motivating them to do something more than what they have been doing all these years.
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We need reserved constituencies to give equal right to vote to all the citizens because India has a adult franchise. To give equal seats in democracy to weaker it is important.
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