why does Rajasthan receives scanty rainfall?

It is in an area where high atmospheric pressure dominates.
High pressure is an area of sinking air. This hinders cloud development and precipitation, creating a dry environment. 


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1) This is because the Aravali Range in Rajasthan lie parallel to the Arabian Sea branch of South West Monsoons, and do not offer any obstruction to the rain bearing winds.
2) The second reason is that the hot climate of Rajasthan increases the moisture holding capacity of the rain bearing winds, and does not allow it to shed its moisture in Rajasthan.

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  • Western Rajasthan and part of Gujarat are desert type regions with extreme climate. Intense thermal heating makes the desert land very dry.
  • The Arabian sea branch runs parallel to Aravallies, providing no barriers to the clouds, leaving it again a dry region.
  • The Bay of bengal branch is unable to reach up to western part and in winters even western disturbances also hardly give any rains to this region.
  • The leeward side of the Western Ghats also lies in the western part of S.W monsoon.

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Rajasthan and some part of Gujrat also recieves scanty rainfall due to their extreme temperatures and climate

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Western rajasthan are desert type regions with extreme climate. Intense thermal heating makes the desert land very dry

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Cause rajastan has a desert which is very hot . It also has a wind called 'loo' which pushes the monsoon carrying clouds or winds away from rajastan . If rajastan did receive rain, do you think it will still be a extremely hot place? Thank you for reading hope it helped you PLEASE 'LIKE' IT
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As Rajasthan is very near to Tropic of cancer, which means it is in torrid zone so, due to high temperature it receives scanty of rainfall.
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simple its a deserty region therefore the atmosphere there is not humid. there no vegetation there
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is this correct
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Rajasthan recieves scanty rainfall because of the aravali range which is parallel to the rain shadow area and its situated in the leeward side of the mountain
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