why does the poet use the earth in the poem?

Dear Student

The poet suggests that there is life in nature under apparent stillness through the example of the earth which seems dead but later proves to be alive. The earth is a living creature but it keeps still and does not make a noise, we do not need proof for its life because it gives life to everything around it and on it. In the context of the poem, stillness indicates a harmony with nature, being attuned to the inner workings of this universe whereas keeping quiet would refer to a willful resolution to maintain silence. One has to make an effort to keep quiet while stillness means a quietness that comes from attaining peace, in tune with the world. The poet urges us to keep quiet because we seemed to have lost our ability to hear the still, sad music of humanity. 
The images of harmony are seen in nature while man is shown to cause disharmony, through intrusion into the natural space and exploitation of resources. The different varieties of wars that has beset the world is man-made while the earth just concentrates on living, engaged in its task of living and keeping still, letting nature work its way through. But man must be active and possibly hurt nature in the process. The lesson that we can learn from Earth is that keeping still is not equable to inactivity, it refers to being open to the world, to listen to the silence of things which cannot speak but speak a lot more than human beings who talk dime a dozen. 

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Because it is not aky
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Because it is not sky
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What poem?
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Cause the poem maybe is about earth
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