why does the tadpole of frog resemble as fish?????????????

  Essentially, the larval stage in a species' development cycle renders a specimen as a different type of lifeform than the adult stage does. Tadpoles resemble small fish such as minnows much more than adult frogs so they are labelled as larvae.Larvae feed rapidly to fuel the metamorphosis into adulthood.

During the tadpole stage of the amphibian life cycle, most respire by means of autonomous external or internal gills. They do not usually have arms or legs until the transition to adulthood, and typically have dorsal or fin-like appendages and a tail with which they swim by lateral undulation, similar to most fish

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Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny.
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yeah ...ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny...that means ...the embryological development of every organism depicts its course of evolution....since amphibians evolved from Pisces therefore tadpole resembles fishes.
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S..during the process of evolution it is revealed that amphibians had evoluted from Pisces..And it is the proof .. that tadpoles resembles fished
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