Why dose BLUE WHALE is hunted ?

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Blue whales are hunted for blubber and meat. Blubber is fat layer found under skin to provide insulation to whale in hot and cold climate. People use blubber for oil, lubrication and also for food.


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Whalers once?hunted blue whales for their blubber, which was rendered into?whale?oil. They also hunted whales?for meat. The international Whaling?Commission banned commercial?hunting?of blue whales?in 1966.
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Whalers once hunted blue whales for their blubber, which was rendered into whale oil. They also hunted whales for meat. The International Whaling Commission banned commercial hunting of blue whales in 1966.
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Blue whles are hunt by hunters for their blubber which is used to make oil and they also hunt it for its meat.
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the whale are hunted for bones oil skin food and showpiece as well.
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Blue whales are hunted for many reasons as well the main reasons for hunting of The whales are oil, meet, bones, skin these are the main reasons for those in 1966 the British government decided not to hunt any of the Blue whale ever because these are the only world species which are alive from the generation of Dinosaurs

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