why english is important in our life?

[We encourage students to use their own ideas to develop such answers.  You may consider some of the points on ‘Importance of English in our life’ given below:]

1. English is a language which has a widespread use in today’s world. It is an international language, used in most parts of the world.

2. English is the language of science and technology. It is a language that presents us with a wide access to scientific researches across the globe.

3. It is a tool to establish Indian worldview and culture around the country. For instance, in the World Conference on Religion in 1893, Swami Vivekananda had addressed the English speaking audience in English. This had acted not only a means to familiarize the foreigners with Indian culture and spirituality, but also a means to strengthen Indian spirituality worldwide.

4. English is the key to Globalization. Many businessmen exchange their business ideas and deals with the foreign businessman in English and are conducting their business on a global level. English gives them an access to the technology of E-Commerce that has enabled them to hold meetings and conferences while sitting in their offices in their respective countries.

5. Therefore, English is the  leading language that is used in various spheres and acts  as a major medium of education and publishing and in the international negotiation.

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