why is argon and nitrogen filled in an electric bulb?

The closed glass chamber of the bulb contains, an inactive (inert) gas, Argon. The glass chamber can’t be filled with air as the presence of oxygen will cause the filament to burn, i.e. react with oxygen. The glass chamber can’t be made vacuum. As in vacuum condition, the filament will evaporate because of very high temperature, making the bulb unusable. The only solution to these problems is an inert gas. The inert gas within the bulb will maintain a particular pressure, preventing the filament from evaporating. An obviously, inert gas won’t react with the filament. Nitrogen is also used like argon since it is unreactive.

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because its outer shells is totally filled  ,both are noble gases

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Argon and nitrogen gas are filled in a bulb as it slows down the evaporation of d filament of the bulbso that d bulb doesn't stop working.

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