why is ashoka called a great king?

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Ashoka was the most famous Mauryan ruler. He fought a war to capture Kalinga, where he was horrified to see the violence and bloodshed. Thereafter, he tried to spread the message of peace by adopting dhamma and the teachings of the Buddha. He was the first ruler to have got his messages inscribed on rocks and pillars. Ashoka treated his subjects like his children and appointed officials to teach his dhamma. He was a great administrator and built roads and rest houses and dug wells for the comfort of people. He sent messengers to spread the message of dhamma to countries like Syria, Egypt, Greece and Sri Lanka. Dear Students description and of the Mauryan Empire and its capital Pataliputra was provided by Megasthenes, an ambassador of the Greek ruler Seleucus Nicator.

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 he gave up his war 

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 because when he won the war he gave up dis is  y it is called a great king. 


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Ashoka is called a great king because he gave up his war.

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i gave this question

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Because his empire was very large and he had conqured many kingdoms. And he was the only emperor who gave up even after winning a war.

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