why is embryo absent in thallophyta

why is embryo absent in thallophyta ryop yta—» Pteridophyta—+ Gymnosperm —y Angiosperm .)swaH Tippo A) Proposed the biggest phylogenetic classification of plant kingdom. This classification is the complete classification of plant kingdom. This is the most acceptable classification for books and study. Plant Kingdom Sub-Kingdom On the basis of embrye. Thallophyta — Embryo absent (I O Divisions) Division Atracheata — Bryophyta (Non vascular plants) Embryophyta Embryo present on the basis of vascular tissue Tracheoph& Wascular pla

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Thallophytes are known as Cryptomgamae which means that they have hidden reproductive system, referring to the fact that in such organisms no seed is produced. Thus, these represent the non-seed bearing organisms. 

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