Why is the value of g not taken here?? Experts pls help me..

Why is the value of g not taken here?? Experts pls help me.. ) Apparent weight : True weight • Upthrust A metal cube of side 5 cm and density g crn-• is suspended by a thread and is immersed completely in a liquid of density g cm-•'. Find (a) the weight of cube, (b) the upthrust on cube and (c) the tension in thread. 1) Given, side of cube = 5 cm Volume of the cube = 5 x 5 x 5 = 125 cm3 Mass of the cube = Volume x density = 125 cm3 x 7-9 g cm 3 = 987-5 g Weight of the cube = 987•5 gf (downwards) Upthrust on cube= Weight of liquid displaced = Volume of cube x density of liquid x g = 137•5 gf (upwards) 'c) Tension in thread = Net downward force = Weight of cube — Upthrust on cube = 987-5- 137-5 = gf. EXER do you understand by the term upthrust of avrwriment to show its existenc/

Dear Student,
The unit used here is Gram-Force (gf). It is a unit of force measurement. It is equal to 1 gram multiplied by the acceleration due to gravity.
Therefore, 1 gf is equal to the amount of force experienced by a gram of substance under the gravitational pull of the earth.
In this question, the advantage of using this unit is that you don't need to convert grams into kilogram and then perform an actual multiplication (mg).

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To make it easy for calculation.
If we take the value,and calculate then it will become complex.
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In question it is only given in g form.So we don't have to calculate g.

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