why is vegetative propagation practiced for growing some types of plants?

Vegetative propagation is preferred for some plants for the following reasons:

(i) Vegetative propagation is the only method of reproduction in those plants which have lost their capacity to produce seed, Eg. Banana, seedless grapes, etc.

                (ii)   Plants which have poor seed viability, or prolonged seed dormancy or produce less number of seeds reproduce mostly by vegetative propagation
                (iii)  The greatest advantage is that a plant biotype can be retained and multiplied in deficiency without any change or variation.
(iv) This method helps to produce more number of plants in shorter period of time. 

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Vegetative propagation is practised for growing some types of plants because of the following advantages:

  • (a) It is useful in propagation plants which do not produce viable seeds or produce very few seeds .
  • (b) The plants produced by vegetative propagation have exactly the same characters as that of the parent plant i.e; it helps in preserving the characters of the parent plant which is a very important advantage.
  • (c) It is a quicker method of producing several plants in a short time.
  • (d) It helps in propagation of ornamental plants where frequency of fertilisation is less.

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coz they lost ability to produce seeds

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