Why is virus called a biological puzzle?

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Because when they float in air they are non living but when they come in contact with a organism they started reproducing.

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bcos we can not define virus as living or non-living so it is till now like biological puzzle.

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because they lie on the borderline of living and non living organism. they can reproduce only in  the host organism. when they are not in contact with a host organism they are non living . so there is a mystery about these viruses

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because it is still not known to be living or non-living.

it is living and shows metabolism when inside a living organism and shows non-living characteristics when outside a living organism.

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Viruses are considered as biological puzzles because there is always a misconception about considering them as living or non living

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viruses r called biological puzzles becoz we cn't define them as living or non-living.  viruses r bordr lines b/w lving ng non-living.  howevr, dey reproduce inside d cells of organisms....

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