why it is not advisable to carry a umbrella during lighting or thundering

During  a  lightning  or  thunderstorm,  if  we  carry  an  umbrella,  the  electric  discharge  can  pass  through  the  metallic  stick  of  the  umbrella  and  can  give  a  shock  to  the  person  handling  it.  So,  it  is  advised  not  to  carry  an  umbrella  during  a  thumderstorm  or  lightning.

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As we all know that metals are good conductors of electricity so the rod of an umbrelaa may attract thunder towards it, causing a great damage to a person's life... so using and umbrella is not preferable during lighting or thunderstorm... 

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we alll know that matals r good conductor of electricity  so electric will be attracted toward the umbella and the person who is holding umbrellla could also die

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We should not carry an umbrella during lightning or thunderstorm b'coz the metal shaft of the umbrella might attract a lightning strike as metals r good conductor of electricity

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it is because it would act is a antina which will would focus the electric shock and would cause more severe attacks

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the umbella will conduct lightning charges which will pass on to your body and you will die.

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beause of attractivity

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If we carry an umbrella during a  thunderstorm the electric discharge from the cloud may get transferred into the umbrella's metal rod and the person may get electrocuted 
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We should avoid raising an umbrella over our head during lightning. This is bcoz lightning may strike the top end of the metal rod of umbrella (held high over the head) and harm us
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We should not carry an umbrella during lightning or thundering because the metal shaft of the umbrella might attract the lightening and give shock to the person holding it.
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