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 why r metals electropositive????

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 metals r called electropositive.... but what does being electropositive means.....????

the word 'electropositive' means being electrically positive OR havin' a positive valency like +1, +2 or +3...

metals r called electropositive 'coz they have more number of electrons than r needed 4 them 2 b electrically stabe n have 8 electrons in there outermost electron shell or valence shell....

since they have xcess of electrons it izz easier 4 them 2 loose 1, 2 or 3 electrons than 2 gain 5, 6 or 7 electrons from other elements 2 bcum electrically stable....

that's why they r rendered a positive valency in order 2 show that they donate electrons 2 non metals n other elements due to there xcess in there shell...

that's what u needed i hope...

have a gud nyt...!!!!

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