why should you not touch electrical appliances with wet hands

Water is a good conductor of electricity. A person with wet hands touching electrical appliances get a shock.So it is dangerous to touch an electric appliance with wet hands.

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Since water is good conductor of electricity it will cause electric shocks to your body

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this is because the water is a good conductor of electricity so the person who is taking out the fire with a help of water can also get an electric shock

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Water can conduct electricity ( if it is an electrolyte, as most tap water is) so you shouldn't touch electrical appliances with wet hands, or put them near water in case the water completes a circuit from the appliance, resulting in a live circuit.if you touch a live circuit that could result in electrocution.

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Because water which contain ions can conduct electricity. Example- if you take tap water and pass electricity then tap water will conduct electricity because you know tap water contain ions. Not only tap water, every electrolyte(substance that contain ions) can conduct electricity like salt water,HCL,e.t.c. But if you take insulators or non-electrolytes(substance that doesn't contain ions) can't conduct electricity, e.g;distilled water,urea, e.t.c.

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bcoz it will result in electrocution of the person involved.......

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