why transportation of food is necessary for living org.?

Transportation is necassary in the multicellular organisms, as each and every part or its cell need nutrients to obtain energy for survival. 

 Complex Multicellular organisms  such as plants and animals show division of labour, each part perform unique function.  Preparation of food in plants and digestion of food in animals occur in specific parts, nutrients produced  has to be transported to each and every part of the body.

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  Because organisms need carbohydrate, vitamins, and minerals and other nutrients to gain energy and proteins to live and to continue metabolism.
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in animals the blood that circulates in the body distributes food and oxygen to the different cells. it also carries waste products with it for excretion, if the waste will not be transported, it can be fatal, and for the survival, transport of material is very essential, also, it transpors the digested food to the different parts of body so that we can do any work.

in plants, the food has to be transported to all parts of it to carry out its life process, such as preparation of food in photosynthesis and also respiration,the water we give pout to the plants is transported to the stem and leaves by xylem for photosynthesis as water is very necessary for this process. and the food which is prepared is also to be transported!

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