Though Anne considered herself to have loving parents, she was unhappy with her relationship with them .She felt alienated from her mother and even though she adored her father, she felt that sometimes he would be incapable of understanding her predicament and side with the rest of the family in admonishing her. Her parents were pleased with her academic performance and they were not pushy like other parents. As long as she was healthy,happy and did not talk back to much,they were content. However, Anne was very different in terms of personality and temperament from the rest of the family members and seemed unable to fit in with them. They always defended her fiercely, encouraging her and being patient with her. They wanted her to talk less, mind her own business and be more modest and all these were hard for her today because it was part of her personality. She believed that her father loved not just because she was his daughter but also for her own sake. She felt contemptuous towards her mother and needed to vent her feelings. But she could not do so to her father because he would not understand their differences and he would avoid talking about it. Anne was the opposite of her mother,she could not counter her other's sarcasm, hard-heartedness and carelessness and tried hard not to judge her. But their personalities would clash, she felt like she did not have a mother even though there was a person in her life whom she called her 'mother'. She questions if parents can actually make their children completely happy because she felt that parents themselves didn't realize their inadequacies and shortcomings. She felt let down by them.

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