Why were the artificial and natural systems of classification rejected?

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Artificial system of classification was given by Linnaeus which was based on vegetative structures, external and morphological characters. He gave equal weightage to vegetative and sexual characters. Vegetative characters are easily modified by the environmental factors. This was the reason for rejection of artificial system of classification.
Natural system of classification was given by Bentham and Hooker and was based on morphological and anatomical features. It does not take into account evolutionary history of the organism and considers species to be static and no role of f fossils was shown in this system of classification. Therefore this system of classification was rejected.


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Classification is a process which mankind naturally and instinctively carries out, and which has been carried out from the very beginning, for the accurate identification of food, predators, fuel building materials etc. and is essential for their survival. Classifying the number of plants species is great task.
?Around 3000,000 species of green plants, over 100000 fungi and a few thousand bacteria and other microscopic organisms are already recognized. There are three types of classifications. They are?artificial, natural?and?Phylogenetic.
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