With reference to the above schematic diagram(textbook diagram 3.8 pg 49) of Spermatogenesis (a) and Oogenesis(b), answer the following questions a.) About 300 million spermatozoa may be present in a human male ejaculation at one time. Calculate how many spermatocytes will be involved to produce this number of spermatozoa. b.) How many spermatids will be formed? c.) How many chromatids are found during Oogenesis in Primary oocyte and First polar body in a human female? 

Dear student, Please find below the answer: a. Each primary spermatocyte undergoes meiosis-I and meiosis-2. This results in the formation of 4 spermatozoa. 300 million/4 = 75 million b. No. of spermatids will be equal to the number of spermatozoa. Hence, it is 300 million. c. ​​Since replication has occurred by this stage, No. of chromatids during oogenesis in primary oocyte will be 46 x 2 = 92 chromatids. Meiosis –I is completed by the time, the first polar body is formed. Hence, no. of chromatids will be 92/2 = 46 chromatids Regards.

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