women are advised not to wear high heeled shoes.give reasons

High heeled shoes are harmful if they are used regularly. High heeled shoes put the foot in such a posture that all the pressure is exerted at the front part of the foot. This leads to following harmful effects:

  • High heels forces the hip muscles to work harder which can lead to contracture and back ache.
  • Deformation of hips.
  • There is high risk of falling which can lead to sprain or breakage in ankle.
  • Shortening of tendons leads to heel pain.
  • Joint pain in foot

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High heels seem to hit a ridiculous high last year when Alexander McQueen introduced his ten-inch stilettos. According to a Huffington Post article, several fashion models were cut from a show when they refused to risk wearing the shoes.

Top Five Reasons NOT to Regularly Wear High Heels 

1) High heels alter the anatomy of the calf muscles and tendons;

2) cause tripping and falling, which can lead to ankle sprains and breaks;

3) create foot problems like bunions, hammertoes, and nerve damage;

4) put stress on the back and knees;

5) and cause Haglund’s deformity, otherwise known as “pump bump,” that occurs when straps of high heeled shoes dig into the tissue around the Achilles tendon.


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 because it causes back pain...

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because high heels have small area which creates large pressure as P=F/A,so if women wear high heels and walk on some soft surface the heels will go insidethe surface orthe surface may catch the heels.

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