write 10 lines on Patience

Patience and its Rewards Patience is the key to unlock the door to success, contentment and virtue. Penelope portrays patience and serenity while waiting upon the return of her beloved husband. As a result, Penelope is rewarded with love. Patience brings the best of things with a touch of appreciation, faith and provides an individual with a quality that will assist him/her through the journey of life. The best things come to those who wait. Frequently, the object of affection in question is worth waiting for. Time and distance increases the appreciation an individual holds for that particular person or thing. Patience rewards that person with the gift of appreciation. Thus, the value within is more significant than before


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@Patience means having the capability to wait
@One should adopt patiance in life
@Adopting patiance is not so easy
@patiance is being calm
@rest of the point you may search snd write
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