​​write 80-100 words.. do we really need urbanization

Such questions are meant to test your writing skills and should be attempted on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:
- Urbanisation leads to a population shift from rural to urban areas.
- It is done with the purpose of getting better education or employment opportunities.
- But, it creates a very high pressure on the existing infrastructure that provides food, shelter, medical and other public services to the urban population.
- Urbanisation has been seen to lead to the construction of concrete jungles, slum areas, increase in crime, dearth of jobs, and other related problems.
- Instead, we must aim at improving rural areas so that the quality of life can improve there and people do not see the need to shift to urban areas.
- Providing better opportunities of education and employment in the rural areas will solve this problem.

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Urbanization in India began to accelerate after independence, due to the country's adoption of a mixed economy, which gave rise to the development of the private sector. Urbanisation is taking place at a faster rate in India. Population residing in urban areas in India, according to 1901 census, was 11.4%.[1] This count increased to 28.53% according to 2001 census, and crossing 30% as per 2011 census, standing at 31.16%.[2][3] According to a survey by UN State of the World Population report in 2007, by 2030, 40.76% of country's population is expected to reside in urban areas.[4] As per World Bank, India, along with China, Indonesia, Nigeria, and the United States, will lead the world's urban population surge by 2050.[2]
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no we do not need urbanisation  it leads to global warming which may  destroy the world . human existance may be over.if we find an other planet than we may send the  population there . after sending the  population the scientists should stay on earth do the required development and reduce  the carbondioxide and rest of the  other chemicals .after htat bring the half of the population and make the human existance and  earth a better place .then take the required developmnent  there  or the required tools and do the  development and balance the world .then we can do urbanisationin the planet earth after reducing the population or sending the population to the other planet .we can even make rules that a plant should be planted after every child is born. then we amy do any kind of urbanisation .

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no we dont need it
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