write a application to your principal seeking permission to go home after the recess

The principal,
Ryan International School


Sub: Permission for going home after recess

Respected madam,
I ABC of class ABC wanted to seek permission to go home after the recess in order to attend a marriage. My father would come to pick me up .Kindly due your permission . I will be highly obliged for the same ,Thanksgiving

Your sincerely

Class ABC
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is it a letter
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from name
 std , division and school
to the principal

      dear madam 
                        i kindly request you to give the permission to leave after the evening recess for my sports championship league on 19/10/17 the venue is at kerala , cochin durbar ground  i would be leaving on 14/10/17 as to reach there from the present location
  the match is between us and the 10th std from pune school of rajagiri i would hope for your blessings and the support of the whole school i will try to make the name of the school proud.
                                                                                            thanking you
                                                                                                        yours fathfully

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formal,or informal?


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i abc of your school of class ab requesting you to give me half day leave after recess i had little fever
my tempreature is high up my father will take me from school

your faithfully
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The Principle
XYZ School
New Delhi

Subject:Halfday Leave

Respected Sir/Mam
​With due respect I want to say that I have an urgent work today after recess.So,please grant me Half Day leave to do that work.
I will be very thankful to you.

Yours Faithfully
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the principal
birla public school
sub-permission to go home after recess

dear sir,
i dcb of class abc would like you to  humbly accept this letter that after school recess i need  to leave because i have some urgent work.my father will pick me up from the recess 
thanking you
yours sincerely 
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Write an application to the principal of your school seeking permission for science exam
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hello !
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you can ask with your teacher 
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The principal,

Manav Rachna International School

​Sub:seeking permision for going after recess
Dear madame,
I will be very thankful to you if you will allow me to go back after recess ,it's my cousine's birthday ,so I have to go to her home for celebrating , thanks in advanse

​yours sincerly
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The Principal
Tagore Academy Public School
Date xxxx
subject half day leave

Dear Madam
I ABC of class ABC of your school is here to tell you that i have to go after recess period . my gaurdians will pick me from the reception .
Beacause i have tp attain a ABC so that i can not attend the period after the recess kindly grant me a half day leave 
Thanking You

Your sincerely
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To The Principal, Father Agnel School Gautam Nagar , New Delhi -110049 28th February ,2017 Subjet- Going back to the school after the recces Respected Sir, I am a student in your school in class 6th E . This is to inform you that i am suffering from viral fever. I came to school because my attendance is low. So please grant me a half day leave saturday means on 24th of February. I would be gratefull if you grant me half day leave. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, Deepanshu Pandey, Class 6th E
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I don't know
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