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  • The elements of art refer to the main components that are vital in creating a classic piece of art. 
  • The elements include line, color, shape, form, value, space and texture.
  • These elements help the audience identify the theme of the art.
  • Also, these are the basic elements and though a piece of art may not have all of these elements, they will definitely have one or more features mentioned above.
  • The first step to learning art is mastering the talent of drawing a line.
  • A line is a piece of art on a blank paper.
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how the artist decided to begin making it? All art, whether two-dimensional like a painting or three-dimensional like a sculpture, contains one or more of the seven elements of art. These elements are:

They are the basic building blocks of making art.

So how exactly does an artist use the elements? Working as an artist and creating an artwork is similar to being a chef and cooking a meal. The chef uses a list of ingredients combined together in certain amounts to produce a unique recipe. The artist uses art elements and combines them in different ways to create a unique piece of art. The elements of art are like the ingredients in a recipe. Sometimes artworks contain only one or two elements. Sometimes they have all the elements of art. One thing is certain, however. There would be absolutely no art without the seven elements of art.
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