Write a brief character sketch of bholi's teacher .

bholi's, teacher was soft hearted the teacher's voice so soft and soothing the bholi's teacher touched heart heart andthe teacher encouraged her and she try to put out the fear of bholi the teacher of bholi makes an affort on bholi to make her  able to understanding  and educated
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Bholi's teacher character sketch
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Bholi's teacher was kind and understanding. She had all the knowledge and maturity that are hallmarks of her profession. She knew how to treat kids having diffrent frequencies and life spheres. On the very first day of Bholi's school, her soft and soothing voice comforted Bholi.She motivated Bholi by saying that she will become the most learned person in her village. In the end when Bholi stood up against injustice, her teacher was satisfied that she had completed a masterpiece without an error .
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