write a brief note on the theme of robert frost's poem 'the road not taken"

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Robert frost poem conveys us the message that in life we come across many path but we have to decide only one . Now he tells us with a sigh that once he also came across two roads and he had to choose one. Today he is what is because of his decision

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 "the road not taken" this title symbolizes the curiosity in a human being. As the poet travelled the road taken by less people, he later on thinks about what would have happened to his life if he had chosen the less travelled road. that makes him put the title "THE ROAD NOT TAKEN"

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the roads in the poem have been used as metaphors or symbols for the various oppurtunities or choices,the life offers us.as a person,standing at the point of diversion of two roads can compare and contrast,judge and contemplate both the roads.

one can ponder the pros and cons of the choice he opts for . but a road once chosen,does not give chance to come back and start it all over once again. the poet wishes to convey to us the significance of these choices and decisions of our life.

our choices can make or mar our lives.

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                      The poet presented the difficulty or making a choice in life. We cannot travel all the roads available to us. We have to make a choice. The dilemma faced by the poet in making his choice is the dilemma that we all face at some point in your life. We have all have or had to make a choice. Only the future will reveal weather the choice was right or wrong. But can't go back to revert our choice. Choices and decisions are like steps that carry us forward. We can only look back and repent at out choices.

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"The Road Not Taken" deals with the dilemmas that a man faces in his life.Life throws up many alternatives. Man, being an individual can't take up all the choices. The impact that our choice will make on our life can also not be foreseen .

Hence, our decision is a shot in the dark, though our future depends on it .If the choice made by us is incorrect, we have to face consequences of it, as steps once taken can't be retraced.
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