write a declamation on "should 10 days holiday be given to children after every month . why ?" pls mention whether against it or for it...

Dear Student,
“I’ll be speaking on the topic ‘Should 10 days holiday be given to children after every month’ and I’ll be presenting my views on why I believe such a long period isn’t necessary.
First of all, taking a long break often reduces the momentum of studies. Going at a steady pace will keep the student in the ‘study mode’ and too much of a break in between will not let the student concentrate fully. Secondly, India, when compared to many other countries, has plenty of public holidays. I believe students will get enough rest during these days to make up for the stress in studies. Also, it puts great strain on the teacher to finish the required lessons in time for the exams. Finishing them in a hurry will not benefit the students in any way. In fact, it will only add to their strain.
In my opinion, giving more holidays isn’t the answer to the flaws in our education system. The problem lies with the framework and the syllabi planned for each class. Students are over stressed and overworked because of the enormous load placed on them. It will be better to reduce this overload and not increase their breaks.
Hope this answers your question. For further doubts, please ask on the forum and our experts will be happy to help you as soon as possible.

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