It is not clear whether you want a diary entry or an autobiography. Following is a diary entry of one day in a mango tree's life, though it is a little illogical for a tree to maintain a diary:

 Monday, 20 June, 20xx

 10 P.M.

 Dear Diary,

 Today was an interesting and eventful day. I woke up in the morning with the early morning sunrays falling on my leaves. Being the fruit-bearing season, I was expecting the usual group of naughty children to throw stones at me during the day. But, what happened was a horrible fight between two gangs of teens, both claiming that I stood in their part of the colony.

 They fought over who would pluck fruit from my branches. All of them started throwing stones at each other and were injured grievously. Only creatures to enjoy my juicy mangoes today were a squirrel and a parrot. I hope I never get to witness such fights again. I will try and sleep now, but my mind keeps going back to the senseless violence of the morning.

Hope tomorrow is a happier day!

 Mango Tree

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