write a diary writing on (write five diary entries of any five particular days of your vacation that were memorable)FOLLOW THE FORMAT.please i want it very fast please

Here is a sample for your reference:


3 November, 2011


09:30 hrs

Dear diary,

I had always wanted to go abroad and I was very excited about my first foreign trip. I spent my last summer vacations with my mother in South East Asia. We all visited Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The most exciting part was the cruise which lasted for 3 days. The vast expanse of sea was worth an experience of an entire lifetime. I enjoyed much at Genting Highlands in Malaysia where I rode all the rides and took full advantage of the entire amusement park. Different types of cuisine added to the excitement of the trip. (to be continued based on your experience, ideas and perception.)



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Diary enter

Thursday, 30 July 2013


Dear Diary,

Summer vacation is an exciting time. Everyone gets to spend time with their families and visit places. I had a great vacation this summer. I joined painting classes and made beautiful glass paintings. We also made a trip to Ladakh. I immensely enjoyed the weather there. Now, I feel completely rejuvenated. I am eager to meet my school friends and teachers.


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