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Bhuvaneswari Ramesh , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 22/8/13

write a letter to the principal ofyour school requesting him to arrange for extra classes for maths in winter break for class X students . mention why u need for extra classes and include any relevant suggestions you might have.

{formal letter}

Bhawesh Tiwari , added an answer, on 22/8/13
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The Principle

R.A.N. Public School


Respected Ma'am/Sir

Subject- Requesting for arranging extra classes for class X.

This to bring to your kind notice that due to the upcoming board exams we the students of class X need extra classes. We request you to arrange extra classes during the summer breaks so that we can study well and clear our doubts as soon as possiblefrom our teashers.

Thanking You

Yours Obediently

BHawesh Tiwari

X 'A'

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Shahama , added an answer, on 1/2/16
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thank you so very much
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Ammu , added an answer, on 30/7/17
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same answer ok
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Shreya Dutta , added an answer, on 12/10/14

11 october 2014

the principal

h.s.m.s, jawarhalal nehru avenue



subject-application for extra classes

t inform you that t shreya dutta of vii/a want to request you for some extra classes of science as our last science exam was not having a good average of marks.specially in chemistry and biology. So

yours sincerly


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Gulab Singh , added an answer, on 12/1/16
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