Write a letter to the traffic control commissioner of your town complaining him about the frequent parking cars and traffic jams in your area.

Suggest some remedial measures.


Here is a sample letter for your reference:


Traffic Control Commissioner

Park Street,

New Delhi-20.

Date: 09th November'11


Subject: Growing problem of traffic jams and chaos in the city roads

This is a matter of great concern that due to the population explosion in our country the traffic has increased to a great deal. Also, a section of people in our society who are rich are getting richer. Because of all this, adverse affects can be noticed on the roads. Every family member nowadays owns a car. The condition is becoming unmanageable also because when people are in a hurry they tend to break rules and not follow the traffic lights judiciously. The condition has led to long-lasting hours of traffic jam. Please take care of the situation before the entire city comes to a standstill. 

I thank you in anticipation,

Yours sincerely,

Maya Puri.

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