Write a letter to your father requesting him to buy a bicycle.

Dear Student,
The following pointers will help you to furnish you letter:
  • Start your letter by giving your father your warm respect, inform about your latest activities and accomplishments about your health and education. Then ask him about his health and about your family.
  • Following, you state a recent transport related menace that is creating problem in the way to school and nearby tuition, like the auto or bus route for some political issue is no longer accessible, the available few are not supportive enough and issuing trouble in your routine and then you write about buying a bicycle, which will be of great benefits along with the fact that it can solve all your problems.
  • End your letter with the assurance of good results that will be obtained by you, give your regards and love to him and your family.

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Flat no, Building name,
City, State- pin code.


dear father
Hi how are you ? I am fine here. I have written this letter after so many days as I was very busy and forgot about it.

Dad, I want a bicycle because my old cycle is in a very bad condition as well as it is very old. I want a gear cycle because it has many advantages such as good speed, good brake system, can be rode almost anywhere. I want a cycle which has a decent colour like black etc.

I hope you will buy a new cycle for me. I would be waiting for the cycle.

Your loving Son,
(Your name)
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