Write a letter to your friend asking him how would he celebrate holi this year.

u should ur creative sence to write it.

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u should use:)...

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write your address



main body

your name


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yourname your address

writing date

your friends name

your friend's address

subject: asking how she celebrated holi

dear friend

how are you there. i am fine here. i wish you same. i celebrated holi in my village.i am asking that how you celebrated holi. thanks with regards.

your's lovingly


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Please use your creativity it is very easy!!!!

thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!

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Anand vihar

12 October 2019

Dear chunu

I hope this letter finds you in your pink of your health . As you know that holi is arriving in 3 days . I am fully prepared for the festival I have bought new water gun and water balloons this year there will be mud holi also . I am very excited.
Waiting for you letter
Your lovingly
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