Write a letter to your mother telling her about the death of the mother of your room-mate in the hostel. You are mahip/vimi staying in the hostel of your school (st. Thomas public school,manali).

Dear Student

Such questions are meant to test your writing skills and should be attempted on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate

This is an informal letter.
Sender's address


Receiver's address

Salutation: Dear mother

The body of the letter
Introduction: The beginning must be casual and informal.
Example: Hello mother. Hope you all are fine. or Hi mother. How are you? I am good.

+ Why are you writing the letter: Here the case is the death of your roommate's mother
You can begin this in this way: I am also good but you will be saddened to know that my room-mate, Rahul lost his mother. She met with an accident and succumbed to her injuries. I cannot even imagine what he must be going through. The news is so unexpected and disturbing. Can you imagine we met her last week only? She was all happy. ( You can mention about her nature and a small incident involving you both) Her death is so sudden that I still cannot believe it
Yesterday his relatives came to take him home. He hasn't slept since that day. It was difficult to see him in such a condition.

+ Conclusion:   I hope God gives him the courage to bear this unfortunate loss. I wish I could be with him and help him somehow. I want to know if we can go and meet him. 
 Hope to hear from you soon.

Salutation - Yours sincerely


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