Write a letter to your uncle for thanking ou and your sister out to visit the museum

Dear Student,
Please find below the format, a sample first paragraph and a few ideas to help develop your letter.
Your address

Dear Uncle,
How are you and Mimi aunty doing? I hope you are keeping well. Is auntie’s knee pain better? The new medications might help her more, I hope.
I just thought I’ll write this letter to thank you again for having taken my sister and me to the museum last week. <<You can continue the letter by describing the wonderful experience you had; you can mention one or two highlights of the trip that will always remain your favourite memories.
In the last paragraph, you can again thank him and hope that he comes on a trip to your place again. You can say that everybody is missing them very much and that you all hope to meet up next month at your uncle’s place.
Lots of love,
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