Write a letter tothe Grama Panchayat ofBhumsi village telling them how to harvest the rain water.

Rainbow School,

Sector 17,


5 December, 2013.

The Sarpanch,

Grama Panchayat,

Bhumsi village,



Sbject: harvesting of rain water

This is to bring to your notice the advantages of rain water harvesting in your village and its utilisation.

Rain water harvesting involves collection and storage of rain water before it gets soaked up by the earth or simply flows away. This prevents soil erosion and floods. This water can be used for household purposes, irrigation, for livestock. It is free of contamination from chemicals or pollutants present in the soil. There are very simple ways of collecting rain water-rooftop water can be redirected through pipes into drums to store water. Rain saucers are used to collect rain water; they look like upturned umbrellas with a wide surface for collection. 

Rainwater harvesting conserves water and electricity and the collected water can be used in many different ways. It deals with the problem of droughts and shortage of water as well.

I do hope that the village will adopt this method to meet its demand for water. My school is willing to provide any information or expert advice that might be required for this purpose. Feel free to contact me on the school address.

Yours truly,


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