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Symbolism is a poetic device. The use of symbols to convey an idea or draw parallel between the qualities of two things through the use of symbols and symbolic images is known as symbolism.
In the poem 'Dust of Snow' by Robert Frost, the poet's mood changes instantly when some snow falls on him from a branch of the hemlock tree. A crow accidently throws down the snow but it changes the mood of the poet who was feeling sad and gloomy. The falling of snow accidently, symbolises the sudden arrival of happiness and contentment without any prior notice. Happiness in the form of snow falls on the poet by chance and thus, makes him happy. Therefore, it can be said that just as the change in weather is not known to anybody, same is the case with happy and sad moments. One does not know when would life surprise him with sudden shower of happiness.
The poem conveys the message that we should never mourn for what is lost and we should instead look towards the brighter side of life.

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