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CAA is the Citizenship Amendment Act. As per this act all Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi or Christian refugees from Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Pakistan, who entered in India on or before 31st Dec, 2014 and lacking any valid travel documents such as passport, will be granted citizenship on applying for the same by naturalization, subject to certain conditions. This was enacted into law on 12th Dec, 2019, and has been passed as an amendment to Citizenship Act, 1955. This act also relaxes the requirement of residence in India for citizenship by naturalisation from 11 years to 5 years.
There have been country-wide protests since the enactment of this law. The bill has been enacted without being thoroughly debated and discussed along with all India level NPR (National Population Register) and NRC (National Register of Citizens) process. There is a lack of knowledge among citizens about this entire law and process about this CAA, it has been largely associated with religion by some group of people hence creating chaos resulting in protests by the citizens. Protestors see this law as discriminating against Muslims and the poor people who do not have access to valid proofs. The protests began before the enactment on 12th Dec, since 4th Dec, 2019 when it was passed in Parliament starting from the state of Assam. There has been a lot of causalities as result of these protests. Three states till date have passed resolution against CAA namely Kerela, Punjab and Haryana. This act has been stated unconstitutional by the Critics.
If the bill has to continue, then Government should really spread the knowledge about the act and that it is not discrimination based on any religion, caste etc. The Government had sought to create groups that would target specific areas to clear the confusion and resentment in the air regarding this bill, but that has not seemed to help enough as the chaos still continues.


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