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This is just a sample paragraph which would help you with a few points on how to attempt this question. However, it is recommended for students to write this answer on your own. This is merely for your reference and can be continued.

Honesty is the best policy:

"There is nothing as powerful as the truth and often nothing as strange." To hide a lie, one usually has to tell a hundred more lies. Imagine how easy life would become if one didn't have to lie for every lie he had told. Honesty keeps a man tension free, not worrying about any repercussions or bad consequences. It makes a person strong-willed and confident about his/her goals and ways to fulfil his dreams. Being true and honest is not so difficult, it is merely the absence of lies and mistrust in one's mind. If we talk about two sides of a coin, one would be of truth and being honest while the other would be the easy way out. Facing truth and reality is tougher and yet always rewarding rather than taking the short-cut to gain happiness and success. (to be continued...)

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