write a report on a campaign on 'say no to child labour' organised by angel colony,jaipur

write a report on a campaign on 'say no to child labour' organised by angel colony,Jaipur
Dear student, such questions are made for enhancing the self- creative skills and should be tried answering on your own. However, here are a few points that will help you in framing your answer.
·         Child labour often puts children's lives in danger. Of the children worldwide who are forced to work, more than half are open to highly unsafe conditions and illegal or wrong practices. In addition to physically dangerous work such as mining, children are sometimes forced into illegal activity such as drug trafficking and prostitution.
·         Besides the physical dangers of work, child labourers usually can't attend school, which reduces their future probabilities or openings. Often, parents who can't afford to support their families send their children to work as a matter of existence.
·         Commonly said: Children should be carrying books, not bricks. They should be playing with footballs, not stitching them. They should be sitting inside classrooms, instead of sweeping them
  • free, compulsory and value education for all children at least to the minimum age for admission to occupation and achievement to reach those presently in child labour;
  • new efforts to ensure that nationwide strategies on child labour and education are steady and real;
  • strategies that guarantee access to quality education and investment in the teaching occupation.

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