write a short composition on your initial attempt at learning a skill. you could describe the challenges of learning to ride a bicycle. make it as humorous.

Extracurricular activities are an integral part of student life, it leads to the all-round development of children and gives them an edge over others. CBSE's announcement to hold numerous competitions that will allow students to display their latent skills is an important step in the move towards establishing a comprehensive curriculum. This curriculum will take into account not just the academic proficiency of the students but also their skills and talents, their hobbies which can be honed into lifelong interests, give them new pathways towards success in life. These competitions will inculcate a healthy competitive spirit in kids, gear them up for other things in life apart from just a narrow focus on studies and also enable them to have fun outside of the rigours of the curriculum. Students will get to form bonds with other students across the country, widen their area of knowledge and also, participate with a view to gain exposure to the wider world. 

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