Write a short note on functional foremanship??

Taylor introduced the concept of functional foremanship in order to improve work efficiency by improving the performance of the foreman (who is the person in-charge of the operational level workers). For this, Taylor enlisted a few necessary qualities that a foreman should have such as, intelligence, tact, judgement, etc. But at the same time, he also highlighted that no single individual can possess all these qualities at a time. Thus, he suggested that instead of a single person, there should be eight different persons to perform the tasks of a foreman. This technique is termed as 'Functional Foremanship'. According to this, the planning and the production functions should be separated such that there would be one planning in-charge and one production in-charge. Each incharge would have four personnel under him/her.

The following are the four persons that worked under the planning incharge.

  1. Instruction Card Clerk

  2. Route Clerk

  3. Time and Cost Clerk

  4. Disciplinarian

The following are the four persons that worked under the production incharge.

  1. Speed Boss

  2. Gang Boss

  3. Repair Boss

  4. Inspector

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