write a short note on slavery in French colonies

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Slavery was prominent in French colonies of the Caribbean Islands at places like Saint-Domingue in the 18th century. The entire slave trade was due to sugar plantation. It was Frances’ crown jewel. A triangular slave trade came into being. The slaves were traded from Africa to the French ports of Le Havre, Nantes, and Bordeaux and then transported to french colonies in Caribbean Islands. The slaves were exposed to a new environment and unhygienic conditions. The death rates for black slaves in these islands were higher than birth rates. France made attempts to regulate Slavery by Code Noir. The Code’s sixty articles regulated the life, death, purchase, religion, and treatment of slaves by their masters in all French colonies. Slaves cannot own property, they were baptised. Slavery was finally abolished in France on February 4, 1794. The Convention declared that the slavery of the blacks to be abolished in all the colonies.

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