Write a speech on "How to beat examination stress" in about 120-150 words. It's urgent. Plz reply fast...

Good morning everyone present. I feel immensely privileged to have got the opportunity to express my views on ‘How to Beat Examination Related Stress’. Life is full of challenges, tests, and examinations; and how we respond to them determines our success and failure. Challenges, tests, and examinations are an integral part of life, a healthy and positive attitude needs to be developed towards them otherwise the exams will always appear to be as a sword of Damocles hanging precariously above our head. Well, I strongly feel that the very presence of stress in our minds about examinations is the indicator to our ill-preparedness and poor, time management, and irresponsible attitude not only to studies alone, but to life also. Stress crops up in our minds only because in the past we did not prepare and plan for the coming exams well! Had we shown responsibility to our studies, we would never have felt the stress. Stress means only one thing: ‘We did not study.’ The only way to handle and tame the bull of stress is by taking it by the horns. Don’t be afraid of exams. They are scary to everyone. But if you really want to enjoy exams, plan, prepare, and perspire. Always remember, exams appear stressful to those who are careless, negligent, undisciplined, procrastinators, and shirkers. Don’t skive your studies. You will never feel exams stress.
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