Write about problems created by shedding of plants... Experts help plss!!!

Problems which are created by shedding of plants are Light, temperature, drought, insects, diseases, and inorganic nu- trients etc.
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A sudden change in temperature ,be it cold or hot can lead to foilage turning yellow or brown and dropping off. Many plants will drop their leaves as a result of overly wet and dry conditions,plants will oftentimes shed their foilage.
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problems created by shedding of plants are high transpiration , temperature , winds , insufficient supply of water which results in wilting of leaves. etc
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The problems caused are as follow:-

  • Due to the leaves on the ground results in flood as it is difficult for the soil to absorb water.
  • Absence of sunlight makes it impossible for germination.
  • Due to the thick layer rain water gets collected on the ground resulting in the formation of micro-organisms and mosquito.
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