Write about the administrative system of Genghis Khan ? 

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a.  Chengiz Khan was of the great Mongol leaders  and the founder of the Mongol empire.
b. He was largely responsible for uniting nomadic tribes and for the conquest of the Eurasia.
c. He launched military campaigns against  Western Xia Dynasty, the Jin dynasty and used both peace agreement and sword to call for submission to the Mongols.

d. He established a long standing army comprising of able men, the army were trained in horse riding skills, they were excellent in â€‹rapid shooting from horseback.
e. Chengiz khan equipped his army with light portable equipments.,
f. He established his army on decimal system and grouped them in  10s, 100s, 1,000s and 10,000 soldiers
g. Chengiz Khan also established a courier system to bring about effective communication with distant regions.
h. He also set up a proper code of law for administration, for army etc
i. It is said that he was a religiously tolerant ruler who embraced diversity.
j. He granted religious freedom and tax exemptions in places of worship to the people of conquered regions.
k. Chengiz Khan also developed a very vast communication postal system known as Yam , which apprised him of all political and military developments.
l. His legal code reffered as yasa, which included all the rules and regulations pertaining to administration, governance, army.



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